WordPress Website Care Plans

Websites are evolving constantly, save yourself time & money - let an expert keep your site running smoothly so you can focus on whats important to your business.

Web Care Plan

just the essentials

One small task

Anything that will take up to 15 minutes or less. This could be updating some images or posting a blog, changing some text.

WordPress Updates

WordPress Core & all plugins will be updated regularly. This helps prevent any security flaws in the website due to newly discovered vulnerabilities.

SSL Certificate

An SSL Certificate installed on the website & host to promote trust and display your content securely. This also gives your site more weighting on Google.

WordPress Training Videos

24/7 access to video tutorials built right into your dashboard. Take control of your content and learn to use WordPress

Off Site Backups

Your website will be backed up and stored on our cloud servers.

Priority Email Support

You will be able to email our Helpdesk email to receive priority support requests.

Security Scanning & Firewall

Things will be locked down tight to keep the baddies out

Access to developer WordPress plugins

You will have my commercial licenses linked to your website to stay up to date and always use the latest & greatest versions.

Bug Fixes

If something goes wrong I will fix it or restore from one of the regular backups.

Monthly Activity Report

Every month you will receive a report of the actions that were undertaken to keep your site running smoothly.

Enhance Plan

website optimisation

Everything from the Web Care Plan

Everything under Web Care plan is included in this plan. But with more support time, and website performance enhancements!

30 minutes of updates

Tasks up to 30 minutes will be done

Database optimization

As your site grows it can start to slow down. I will do some house cleaning on your site to ensure it stays as fast as it can be.

Website Performance Enhancements

We will configure caching on your website and make sure all images are properly compressed to speed loading times up!

Analyst Plan

all the perks

Everything from the Web Care Plan

Everything under Web Care plan is included in this plan. More support time & security. Most importantly this plan offers SEO tweaks & advice every month

40 minutes of updates

Tasks up to 40 minutes or less will be done

Two Factor Authentication Login

An extra layer of security for your WordPress login.

Google Analytics SEO Advice & Report

Is SEO important for your website ? Do you need to grow your audience ?
See how you are ranking. We will make suggestions for any content changes and keep an eye on your websites rank to ensure your content keeps you climbing the google ladder!

Frequently Asked Questions

My website is up and running, why would I need this ?

You see, WordPress plugins are created by multiple authors, and are consistently updated to newer versions to comply with the latest version of WordPress, or to address security issues and bugs. It is not guaranteed that the mandated updates to WordPress will not break the website, nor that plugins will continue to function if not updated.

For this reason, having a trained web specialist on hand to monitor the website is necessary to update plugins, rollback plugins, replace plugins or even adjust the theme to continue optimal performance.

Will you help with SEO, social media, graphics and other requests?

All my websites are built with good SEO principles, but sometimes you need continued tweaks & adjustments to capture the right leads.

SEO advice & ongoing tweaks are included in the Analyst Plan only.

Will this security guarantee my site is safe?

Unfortunately no. The steps taken will mitigate most circumstances of hacks though with constant backups stored offsite, I will be able to get your website back online ASAP.

Do you do web hosting?

Yes we do ! all standard WordPress websites are hosted with Hoopla Hosting and charged at $150/yr

Some websites require more powerful hosting and I find solutions to these on a case-by-case basis.

How about email hosting?

Due to the high level of support required for email hosting I recommend creating a Google business account to use your mail through a gmail interface!

Google mail has 24/7 support.

Does my unused support roll over to the next month?

No. The support time must be used within the current month and will not roll over. Incremental changes are best over one off overhauls.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime. You are under no obligation to continue the ongoing service. We just ask you give us 30 days notice so we can carry out our last thorough update of the website, supply you with a full backup and remove our administrator credentials.